Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding Content For Your Blog:

You can find free content for your blogs at article sites. You must follow the rules outlined in the article site. This usually means keeping the author’s contact information and links in place. Below is a list of article sites

Though this will give you a start, it is always better to write your own, or buy some from someone else. I have found a great forum that has great information, as well as a section where fellow members offer great value on many items, such as software, websites, and articles. Sometimes you can pick up many articles for only $5.00.

Here is the site to join for free:

Once you have found content you need to modify it to fit your keyword. For instance in the example above if your ideal keyword was “new york car insurance” everywhere you see the word “car insurance”, change it to “New York car insurance”. While you’re doing this, make sure the sentence still makes sense. If not, reword it so it makes sense with the keyword in it. You should also sprinkle the article with each word individually if possible. From the example above, that would be “New York”, “Car Insurance”, Car, and Insurance. You will need to do this before every article you post